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What does Book The Backwoods mean? Charlie might be a dynamic and in your face performer. But he is also from the the very small town of Dequeen, AR. Country as dirt, he brings his hometown to wherever he goes. Clubs, mud parks, bonfires... It's all about hard rocking country. The real deal. Band show, acoustic... the type of show doesn't matter, it's a full show. Diverse and entertaining, Charlie and his band bring the stories of the backwoods to the stage.



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The Bonfire Party
Charlie has created a "back to the bonfire" show. Bringing the music upfront and personal. The Bonfire Party is 2.5 hours of music and sharing. It's a great way to hang out and get the chance to connect to the folks that support the music. It gives everyone a unique opportunity to get to know each other one on one. That is what music is supposed to do. Charlie spends time at home with friends and family, bonfires are a huge part of that quality time together. Why not have the same bonfire experience with everyone? Charlie and the boys take the bonfire and make it a mega bonfire experience!
All the way from Arkansas to the backyard or back 40... it's all backwoods!


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