We are shooting for Charlie's song It Ain't Over Yet. It's actually a Mud Digger Project for the label so that means it gets promoted through the label's networks as well as Charlie's. It's tongue and cheek about backwoods living. So we will be shooting at Hillarosa in Blevins, AR. 7-15. We need 3-4 primary girls for lake shot. 

Lake Scene:

3-4 girls laying out by the lake, under a mister, very attractive, classy, no trashy girls or gratuitous shots. 

Shot #1 set up: Medium

Looks like a resort, cinematic, girls are laughing, talking, etc...

Shot #2: Wide

Pull back to wide shot and girls are actually by the mud lake and getting misted by a guy with a water bottle


Lake Girls: Please email 2 non professional photos (NO nudes or sexual type photos. we want real country girls)

1. Bathing suit, any style

2. Casual clothes ( No plaids, stripes or clothing with logos)

We need M/W 18-30 in this video, so if you have friends that may be interested send them over!

Call times will be emailed out.

Primary's will have a confirmation form

Closed set production, must have pass to enter 

Plan on most of the day/eve for filming


Girls who know how to get dirty on their rides. Now is the chance to show how girls can ride the mud too! We will be filming various mud scenes and bonfire scenes. So get ready to show off! We need as many girls as possible.

Time: Filming will be majority of the day into the night.

Clothing: No logos, plaids, stripes, and we are keeping clean and respectful. We want to see you ride, not your "business" 


Don't have a ride? No worries, we have a bonfire scene just hanging out having a great time.

Clothing: No plaids, stripes, logos. Casual. 

Time: Evening shoot around the bonfire.