"When I'm Gone" (Remix)

"When I'm Gone" (Remix)

I’ve been writing, reciting, since I was a tike in diapers, anytime tragedy’d strike in my life I’d ignite my writing side/ those times where dark/ but lyrics gave me a brighter side/ a sign of who I would become was etched inside my diarys lines/ simataneiously/ my pain would leave as the ink left that pen n entered that loose leaf paper/ make your way along my road of life a little further/
I was in search for a purpose and i knew it wasn’t flipping burgers
and in my search/ a certain career/ never really seemed to surface
going on 22/ quitting every job i worked at/ 
then i found my home in the booth with a microphone
 i aint scared of death c/z I am in heaven in every song. so
My release of energy/ within a beat/ is clear to see/ n if it ever appears to me/ my everything/ isn’t in this thing/ I’ll walk away/ but not today/ see to me /this is not a game/ this is a life of a poet/ that has been through more you’ll notice/ if you look at him/ but then go into his lyrics n he’ll show ya/ the boulders on his shoulders/ that are so/ heavy he almost/ folded over n dropped em or left them vertebras broken/ but the potion inside the notion of living a life hopeless while coping with tragedies was so potent/ he couldnt quit..he poked a hole in the 
hopeless bubble n opened it/ n out flowed a soul so unique he gets paid to quote the shit/ so
So when Im gone/ no need in crying/ just rewind these deep lines/ n see I’m at peace of mind/ cz heaven on earth is in the studio/ and God told me heaven had one/ so we are good to go/ 


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  • Pam James

    Pam James

    Awesome lyrics Charlie! You're so damn talented!! Keep em coming!! Much love to ya! (c:

    Awesome lyrics Charlie! You're so damn talented!! Keep em coming!! Much love to ya! (c:

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